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Thompson & Morgan - One of the UK's leading mail order suppliers of quality gardening products. Established in 1855, our range now includes over 6,000 plants, bulbs, seeds, fruit, seed potatoes plus many more products.

H. Perennial & Old Fashioned Garden Plants & Flowers by John Wood
 Award-winning, natural gardening at Wiggly Wigglers


Build a Brick Barbecue
Children's Gardens
Garden Boundaries

Landscaping and Garden Design - By variety in grouping, positioning and plants of interest can be inspected more leisurely - The seasons and the weather will not admit more than casual walks in the garden.

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Landscaping and Garden Design - There is little temptation to remain in a given spot - For that reason and because occasional visitors can see the garden from the windows of the house - It is a good plan to form in laying out a garden.

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The National Gardens Scheme (NGS) - The Yellow Book

Build a Brick Barbecue

Children's Garden

Garden Boundaries

Garden Buildings

Garden Decking

Garden Lighting

Exterior Recessed Lighting Ideas - Outdoor Lights and Fixtures Article

The Most Useful Hardy and Half Hardy Annuals by Charles Henry Curtis

Annuals Hardy and Half Hardy

The Value of Annuals

Cultivation of Annuals

The Most Useful Annuals

ADONIS - Adonis Flower - Pheasants Eye

AGERATUM - Floss Flower

ALONSOA - Mask Flower

ALYSSUM - Sweet Alyssum


ANDROSACE - Rock Jasmine

ARNEBIA - Prophet Flower

BRACHYCOME - Brachyscome - Swan Rive Daisy

Annuals of Less Garden Value

Selections of Annuals

Hardy Perennial and Old Fashioned Garden Plants Flowers by John Wood

Hardy Perennial - Armeria - Thrift - Joystick Red (White)

Inspiration in the Garden

Landscape and Garden Designers

Landscape Design Companies in England

Planting Seeds, Flowers, Vegetable Plants, Shrubs, Trees and Bulbs

Planting Bulbs

British Bluebell

Spannish Bluebell

Planting Carrots

Planting / Growing Cauliflower and Broccoli

Planting / Growing Courgettes and Marrows

Planting Fruit Bushes

Blackcurrant Ojebyn - Ribes Nigrum

Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Green - Ribes Uva-Crisp

Raspberry Malling Promise - Rubus Idaeus

Redcurrant Jonkheer Van Tets - Ribes Rubrum

Planting Garlic

Planting Trees - Top Tips

Native British Trees

"Trees Of Old England" by L. H. Grindon

General Qualities of Trees

Alder - Genus: Alnus

Ash Tree - Genus: Fraxinus

Beech - Genus: Fagus

Birch - Genus: Betula

Elm - Genus: Ulmus

Horse Chestnut - Genus: Aesculus

Lime - Genus: Tilia

Maple - Genus: Acer

Mountain Ash - Genus: Sorbus

Oak - Genus: Quercus

Pine - Genus: Pinus

Poplar - Genus: Populus

Rowan - Genus: Sorbus

Sweet Chestnut - Genus: Castanea

Sycamore - Genus: Acer

Willow - Genus: Salix

Yew (Common) - Genus: Taxus

Popular Trees & Shrubs, for Parks and Gardens by Franklin R. Elliott

Evergreen Shrubs


Holly - Ilex



Ponds and Ornamental Water Features

Soil Types

Tips and Advice

Lawn Care Tips and Advice

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