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UK Turf Rolls for Sale - UK Turf Farms - Turf Grass Growers in the UK - Find a Turf Supplier in the UK

Turf should be laid on a smooth, firm and flat soil surface with good drainage.

Turf Rolls Online - Turf Care - Turf Laying - Turf Varieties

Find a Turf Supplier in the UKStarting a new lawn in UK?

See the B&Q Make/Repair a Lawn With Turf Knowledge Sheet

Many people don't know which is better: laying turf or sowing grass seed. While seeding is considerably cheaper and offers a wider variety of grass types, laying turf is much faster and generally produces a high-quality new lawn. In fact, laying turf is so fast, it's fair to say it gives you an instant lawn. Many people are won over to laying Turf on a roll in UK by those two salient points speed of operation and instant lawn.

Turf should be laid on a smooth, firm and flat soil surface with good drainage. The site should be open and not excessively shaded by trees or buildings. Turf can be laid at almost any time of the year providing the soil is not waterlogged or frozen, with Spring and early Autumn being the best times.

Check with UK Turf Suppliers to find out which grass types are available in your region and of course UK turf prices.

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UK Turf Rolls for Sale - UK Turf Farms UK - Turf Grass Growers UK - Find a Turf Supplier in UK

Turf laying is not just a case of unrolling a grass carpet and leave it to grow! Don't forget you will have to check the area you are planning to turf for soil condition. Test the acidity of your soil with a pH test. Most lawn grasses prefer a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. If the test reveals that you need to adjust the pH do it a week or so before the arrival of your UK farm or factory grown turf, retesting a few days before you take delivery of your UK turf.

Preparation is one key to success in laying turf to start new lawns so contact your UK Turf Supplier and see what they recommend.

Your UK Turf Farm will be particularly busy in spring and early autumn when UK turf layers are at their busiest, consider other times of year, so long as the ground is not frozen, when you may get discount priced turf, due to market inactivity!

UK Professionally Laid Premium Turf.

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UK Turf Farm - Direct Turf is a trading name of Tenderlawn Ltd. A Family business which has been trading since 1984 and has built up its reputation as a company by offering good quality products & services at a low price with excellent service!

UK Turf Rolls for Sale

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